1. April 2006 – 31. März 2007


Annual report 2006-2007

At the end of March 2007 the Society’s 454 addresses were made up as follows: Our corporate members numbered 13 (15 in the previous year included UFJ Bank and Yazaki Corp.). Of the remaining 441 addresses, 253 were individual members and 188 were couples. Therefore, a total of 629 individuals regularly received our invitations and other information. Unfortunately, 74 of these have not paid their dues recently. Those who have not paid in spite of reminders for three years have been taken off our membership roaster since our last board meeting on June 1, 2007. They will receive a written explanation in due course.

Since our last AGM on the steamboat ‘Schiller’, on 2nd September 2006, we regret to report the passing away in September of Rolf Nabholz, member since 1968, he was last living in Bassersdorf. On 25th February 2007, Antoine Michaud, a life time associate of Siber Hegner, passed away at his retirement domicile in Hawaii. Finally, we were very touched by the death of Annemarie Schlick-Suter, on 24th March 2007. She was the widow of Carl ‘Charly’ Schlick, our honorary member and member of the board since 1979. Most of us knew these friends very well for many years and we shall keep them in treasured memory.

During the period under review your board have met five times to discuss programmes and activities of your Society. On March 9 the board met in Basle, invited by Hitoshi and Alexandra Nogawa, followed by our members’ Sukiyaki dinner at the Sakura Restaurant.

Reflecting the moderate rise in our annual dues (no rise had taken place for more than 30 years), the accounts for the year 2006/07 closed with a small profit of Fr.1741.45. Mainly thanks to the frequent ‘Treffs’ or meeting points in the centre of the old town, organised by Kyoko Ginsig, the number of events has risen to 30 compared to 22 in the previous year. The resulting profit, however, also came about thanks to a generous contribution of our President who picked-up the extra cost we incurred by hiring the wonderful oldtimer ‘Schiller’ for our 2006 Annual General Meeting on 2nd September. Also due to the cost of this Annual General Meeting our position ‘Rückstellungen’ was reduced by Fr.2000.-; for the new year from April 1st 2007, a total of Fr.4000.- ‘Rückstellungen’ remain at the board’s disposal for extraordinary outlays that may occur in connection with events or homepage adjustments.

On a number of occasions E-mail has been used to announce events at short notice; all members are being encouraged to provide us with their E-mail addresses.

Thanks from your board go to everyone who has helped and participated in the Society’s activities. Those whom we have not seen this year, please continue to support us and give us your ideas about what events you would like us to organise. Please call or E-mail us on info@schweiz-japan.ch and consult our Internet site with our Activities and Links.

21.04.2007 HWK