1. April 2005 – 31. März 2006


Annual report 2005-2006

At the end of March 2006, counting couples as two, the Society had 621 members; there were 446 addresses of members on record. In addition, our corporate members numbered 15.

Mr. Werner N. Gubser, former manager of Sulzer Bros in Japan and one of our founding members in 1955, has passed away on 12th September 2005 in his retirement domicile on Hawai. Although he had cancelled his membership some years ago, many members still remember him and we shall keep Mr. Gubser in treasured memory.

During the period under review your board have met five times to discuss programmes and activities of your Society. On May 27th a special meeting to remember, we met in Hitoshi and Alexandra Nogawa’s garden in Basle.

Our accounts for the year 2005/06 closed with a small loss of Fr. 511.10. Although we have organised 22 events (previous year 15), they were well attended and less costly than in the previous year, which allowed us to set aside an amount of Fr. 2000.- for our 2006 Annual General Meeting on the Vierwaldstättersee.

Our position ‚Rückstellungen‘ has been reduced by Fr. 5000.- which had been reserved for the Baur au Lac Ball on 4th June 2005. With the abovementioned increase of this position by Fr. 2000.- for the AGM 2006, ‚Rückstellungen‘ are now shown at a total of Fr. 6000.-.

Thanks from your board go to everyone who has helped and participated in the Society’s activities. Those whom we have not seen this year, please continue to support us and give us your ideas about what events you would like us to organise. Please call or E-Mail us on info@schweiz-japan.ch and consult our Internet site with our Activities and Links.